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I've finally taken the time to update this site a little bit, and add current info on the Scouts I have now. So kick back and check out my trucks, I'll try to update some of the tips pages in the near future too, using what I've learned through the 'school of hard knocks' on my own Scouts!

Hopefully, fellow IH-Aholics will get a small fix of their addiction. The history page explains about my first Scout II; the tips and techniques is kind of a mini-FAQ of my own two cents on some of the products and methods that I have used and think fellow IH owners may be interested in. Thanks for checking out my site!

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79 Scout

This is my main Scout II, the one that will have to have the steering wheel pried from my cold dead fingers! Normally it wears a black Bestop soft top, but in this pic it was a little daring. New paint is coming, along with some aftermarket rally stripes.....