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79 Scout II- Booger the Wonder Scout!!

Winter Beater, Plow truck- maybe off roader next year???


Booger is (according to the title anyway) a 1979 Scout II truck, but since I've had time to get to know him up close and personal, I've found he's a 'Johnny Cash' Scout- like the Cadillac in the Cash song, that was made from parts from different years. Booger sports a 304 2 barrel (or maybe a 266??) that has an old style Holley 2300 on it, along with the 'double drain plug' oilpan that wasn't used after about 1975. In addition, it has a T-18 four speed, and a 'side fill' Dana 20 transfer case -what fun to fill it up :-(    neither of which were used after about 1974. It does have the Dana 44's front and rear though, so my guess is they put two Scouts together to make one. Whatever, they did a good job, considering how rough the body is Booger drives nice and tight, has a good Pioneer stereo, AND has a 33 gallon gas tank!  Although Boog is pretty sorry looking, he runs like a top, and I basically got him to put the snowplow on for this winter and so I have something to drive to work. The first day I drove him in, he was declared the uncontested winner of the ugliest vehicle driven by an employee, hands down, no competition!  But, the body is going to fall off sooner or later, and as bad as the rust is, it'll probably be sooner.  Assuming I get the 73 body swap done in a reasonable amount of time, which isn't a sure thing with me at all, Boog will be looking for a job next spring/summer. Since he runs so dadgum good, I'm seriously thinking of finishing the bodywork I started on the 73 in a quick and dirty manner, and swapping that tub on to Booger and making him a dedicated off-roader. It would be fun to have something to trailer down to Badlands and not have to worry about how you're getting home if it breaks.....by the way, if you're wondering why Booger is a 'wonder Scout', it's cuz everybody that sees him wonders how the heck he's still on the road and running!!  ;-)



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