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73 Scout II- Daily Driver

Project in progress!!!



This was going to be my daily driver and plow truck this winter, but things change...the first picture is what the Scout looked like when I picked it up in Minneapolis MN. Not bad, and it appeared to be fairly solid. I of all people should know better, and when I got into it to redo some rust spots in the floors, I found it WAS worse than I thought. I knew that both front fenders were done for (about an inch of bondo on each one), but I have fiberglass fenders to go on. I got it partly torn apart and some new mounts, inner rocker reinforcements welded in on one side, etc. and then I lucked onto the white truck in the other pictures. It was a 71 Scout II that had a 232 AMC I-6 four speed, Dana 20 and a Ramsey PTO winch. By the time I got done parting stuff out, I have about $200 in what's left, which is a solid, West coast body (despite the dents, I'd rather fix dents all day than rust!). My plans are to strip it down to the components (body tub, inner fenders, etc.) and have it acid dipped and electrostatic primer coated, then mount that tub and parts on the 73, along with the Terra top (I think short Scouts with the Terra top rock!). I can't afford a fiberglass Scout, but I'm hoping the dip/E prime treatment will prove to be the next best thing, especially since it's going to have the snowplow on it and will be driven during the winter regularly. I'm thinking of finishing off the metal work on this tub before I pull it, and using this tub on my 79 beater Scout 'Booger' to make an off roader- hang on and see if that happens!

Specifications- 73 Scout II, 345 two barrel, Mallory Mag pickup ignition conversion in Delco points distributor. Accel Spiralcore plug wires, Bosch plugs, Jacobs Omni Pak ignition, dual 2.25 inch exhaust with glass packs. Torqueflite 727 transmission, stock. Came with a single speed transfer case, swapped in Dana 20 two speed case. Came with Dana 30 drum brake front, Dana 44 rear in 3.31 ratio, swapped in Dana 44 disc brake front and Dana 44 rear, 3.73 ratio, out of a 79 Scout Terra. New ball joints, new brakes, new stainless steel brake lines installed when axles swapped. Stock springs with two inch add-a-leafs, 4 degree steel caster shims tack welded to spring perches. Running 31-10.50-15 Mud terrain tires.