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AKA How I got into Scouts....

My first real experience with an International Scout II was in 1978. When my wife and I got married, we bought a 73 Scout II from her best friend and her husband. It was red, had a 345 V-8, automatic, air conditioning, and the much despised single speed transfer case. It wore Goodyear F32 winter snow tires, and turned out to be a honkin' beast in the snow. We had one of our worst winters in history while we had that truck, and it just would not get stuck. Of course, I was too inexperienced at the time to realize that you 'have' to have a two speed transfer case for a four wheeler to really perform; luckily, no one had told the Scout either. So we just motored on, passing Fords and Chevys stuck in the drifts, secure in our knowledge that we had the ultimate winter vehicle. Unfortunately, rust was rearing it's ugly head, along with gas prices, and the Scout went away, but I never really forgot it. Then my daughter got a computer, and we got on the internet. One day I stumbled across a site called the 'Binder Bulletin', and from there on it is history. I first got a 70 Scout 800A with a 232 six cylinder; however, it needed more work than I cared to dig into at the time, so I started to look for a Scout II. The remainder of the story follows.....